The book

overcome your fears and reach your dreams cover

The book is a manual for overcoming fears and live a fuller life that I built from the wisdom, knowledge and works of many authors of self-help and self-improvement; such as Napoleon Hill, Louise L. Hay, Susan Jeffers, Dale Carnegie, Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, etc.

The collection that I have prepared is immense, and constitutes a work in which I wanted to capture in a single book the knowledge that I have considered fundamental for personal development.

Success means overcoming our fears. This manual focuses on giving the keys to coping with fears, increase self-confidence and take the reins of our lives to achieve our goals.
In this book, the author proposes the reader to take conscience to be aware of their fears, with the purpose of eliminating them or at least controlling them once and for all. This book is set around fear management with clear, simple, and very useful propositions, addressed to the reader to focus on living the present positively and taking the reins of their own life, responsibly and leading any changes they may need.

The author’s valuable message is what that what makes people who are successful different from people who aren’t, is precisely the way they manage their fears.

This book is intended to be an inspiration to the reader so that, far from giving up their life for not daring to face their fears, they empower and advance steadily towards achieving their vital goals, supported by various tools presented.

In this book of personal growth, knowlege from the author, contributions of many other authors, and all time wisdom are combined. A book that stays close to the reader, since it includes several personal experiences from the author himself and real cases from other people with whom the author has interacted.



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