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Black caviar book club

black caviar book club

Now you can already find the book Overcome your fears and reach your dreams at Black caviar book club on this link:

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Black Caviar (BCBC) Is A Book Promotion Platform And A Bridge Between The Author And The Reader.

You have the chance as a reader to make a review of your favourite books. In fact, honest feedbacks of the readers helps everyone to choose the books that we want to read.


Goodreads Review of “Overcome your fears…”

GoodreadsGoodreads offers great reviews from their readers. Here you can find a wonderful review on Goodreads of “Overcome your fears and reach your dreams” :

“This book is an invaluable treasure trove of exactly “33 coaching keys”—Mata’s meticulously discussed ways to manage fear and using it to propel yourself to success. This is important because, as Mata finds out, discussing fear in public is frowned upon, even considered “taboo”, as if acknowledging the existence of fear is a sign of weakness—and no one wants to be considered weak, especially in public. The result is a continuing cognitive dissonance—a life-long conflict in which while we are saddled with inner fears we fail to act on them in any positive fashion, which ultimately tends to damage us from the inside. This is where Mata’s book comes in and saves us: his 33 coaching keys on fear are a practical, actionable guidance on what we can do about it, and more…”

Find the whole review of the Manuel Mata’s book at this link on Goodreads:

Mention at “Hottest New Artist” Radio Show


July 20 3PM-4PM: Find the mention to the book on this radio recording at 3PM.

Review at Radio Kiss 104.7 FM

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Review at SistersTalk Radio

overcome your fears and reach your dreams coverFind the review at this link:

Listen to the radio at the beginning of the program: 12 States That Will Pass Same-Sex Marriage Rights by 2014 07/17 by SistersTalk Radio | Blog Talk Radio